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a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

About Live Free Diving

As devout ocean lovers, yogi’s and breath enthusiasts, we’ve experienced the many benefits that accompany the Freediver lifestyle. We want to share these benefits with others and help them to live a free lifestyle. Our business, Live Free Diving is a Florida based business specializing in Freediving, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, breathwork, and yoga. Together we have over 15 years of experience teaching diving, certifying more than 500 divers. Here at Live Free Diving, we view diving as a holistic way of living, incorporating elements of yoga, breathwork and wellness into our teaching.

Live Free Diving is licensed and insured through the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), the world’s largest diving organization and Divers Alert Network (DAN).

a person standing next to a body of water

Kaleigh (Keke) McBride is a native Floridian with ancestral ties to Scotland, Trinidad, and Tobago. With a deep-seated passion for the ocean, meditation, yoga, and freediving, Keke’s expertise in the underwater realm was cultivated during her tenure as a PADI certified divemaster and SCUBA instructor at FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Her fascination with freediving began in 2014, drawing parallels with her love for yoga. Keke’s dedication led her to train with top-tier freediving athletes, enabling her to reach depths of over 52 meters (172 feet). She holds four national records in freediving for Trinidad & Tobago and boasts impressive credentials as a PADI Freedive Instructor Trainer, PADI Master SCUBA Instructor, Mermaid Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, and a certified 200hr Yoga teacher.
In her leisure, Keke indulges in yoga, beachcombing, and shell diving, channeling her creativity into her business, GypSea Soul Jewelry. Through her Instagram profiles and @underseakeke, she showcases her wearable artistry, transforming locally sourced shells into exquisite pieces of jewelry.


Born and raised in South Florida, Farrell Tiller, naturally developed a love for the underwater world at a young age. Farrell is an avid Freediver with many years of experience on (and under) the water. While attending undergraduate, and later graduate school at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Farrell founded the FAU Freediving and Spearfishing Club where he served as President for two years. Farrell is an avid spearfisher who also shares a passion for the mindfulness side of Freediving (Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation). Today, Farrell continues to spread his enthusiasm for Freediving as a PADI certified Master Freediver and Advanced Freediving Instructor. Farrell is also a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain and a certified Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor. Instagram: @freedivingfarreall

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Kami Kreaps

Kami Kreaps, a Dallas, TX native who found her heart in South Florida. Over the past nine years, she has immersed herself in the vibrant culture of Palm Beach County. With a rich background spanning two decades in marketing and business development, Kami brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight. Specializing in the tourism industry, she has collaborated with tour operators, pioneering innovative programs and systems to foster business growth. At the helm of her venture, Grow Your Tours, Kami is dedicated to propelling the tourism landscape in Florida and beyond to new heights. In her free time she enjoys traveling, snorkeling, being a plant and cat mom, and spending time adventuring with friends and family.

Follow Kami on Instagram: @GrowYourTours.



Born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Nick’s affinity for nature and the underwater realm began in childhood, earning him the nickname “part fish” due to his early mastery of swimming. Exploring the pristine waters of Squash Lake, WI, at the family lake house fueled his fascination with aquatic life. Nick pursued a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife, specializing in fish biology and management at Michigan State University, graduating in 2012. His post-graduation journey led him to Florida, where he immersed himself in the native plant industry, transforming yards into wildlife havens. While exploring Florida’s ecosystems, Nick discovered the enchanting springs, reigniting his passion for the underwater world. Completing his PADI Open Water SCUBA course and a freediving course in 2018, Nick, now a +100ft diver with a 4:15-minute breath hold, shares his profound love for Florida’s unique ecosystems above and below water, guiding others into the captivating realm he holds dear. When he is not in the water you can find him managing his company, NTG Bookkeeping.

Follow Nick on Instagram: @nickin_nature

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Parker Bellingham

Charleston native and ocean enthusiast, Parker, seamlessly blends her passion for the sea with her talents in photography and videography. While pursuing a degree in advertising and business administration at the University of South Carolina, she elevated her creative pursuits by founding Beach House Visuals. With an undeniable love for the ocean, Parker embarked on a journey that temporarily took her to the North Shore of Oahu, only to realize her heart belonged closer to her roots in South Florida.

During her college years, Parker achieved her PADI Open Water SCUBA certification, a milestone that fueled her desire to share the wonders of the ocean with others. Today, she not only manages her thriving business but also serves as a dedicated snorkel instructor and social media coordinator for Live Free Diving.

Follow Parker’s captivating adventures on Instagram: @parker_bellingham and @beachhousevisuals.


Stevie gracefully balances her time between the sun-kissed tropics of Florida and the majestic mountains of Colorado. Raised along the pristine west coast of Florida, she developed a profound love for the ocean and the exhilaration of a perfect day on the water. Having achieved her PADI Divemaster rating in Key Largo, Stevie now finds her calling on the east coast of Florida, where she enthusiastically unveils the enchanting secrets beneath the azure waters to both strangers and locals.

When she’s not immersed in the deep blue, you’ll discover Stevie fearlessly swimming with sharks or dedicatedly participating in beach clean-up initiatives along the Florida shoreline. Stevie’s truest devotion lies in the preservation of our oceans, fueled by a desire to safeguard their beauty for future generations. Stevie is on a mission to inspire awe, appreciation, and a commitment to environmental conservation.


Follow Stevie on Instagram: @steviewanders__

Stevie Gordon
a man sitting on a rock near the ocean
Born in Switzerland and raised across Europe, Laurent spent his youth traveling with his adventurous parents, learning about boats and photography from his father. At 18, he earned his CMAS two-star scuba diving certification in Switzerland, sparking his love for the underwater world.

After 22 years as a professional lifeguard and police officer in Switzerland, Laurent moved to San Diego, California, in 2007. There, he trained as a boat mechanic and later joined the yachting industry in Florida as an engineer. In 2018, he began freediving in the Keys, blending his passion for the ocean with his photography skills to create stunning images, some featured on this website.

Laurent is an advanced freediver, a USCG OUPV Captain, and a versatile member of LFD, handling everything from driving and servicing the boat “Fins Up” to capturing underwater photographs. Follow his journey on Instagram @urakphotography.


Born and raised on Long Island, New York, where her parents sailed her home from the hospital on a sailboat, Aubrey spent half his childhood on the water. Now 23 years old, she has dedicated most of her adult life to being an ocean nomad, working on a variety of vessels ranging from treasure hunting fleets searching the sea floor for shipwrecks in submarines to high-end silver service charter yachts. A licensed boat captain with certifications including USCG 100-ton and MCA “Yachtmaster” 200-ton, she has accumulated extensive maritime experience.

While working on the beautiful island of Kauai, Aubrey discovered a passion for freediving. Now a 40-meter diver with a 4:08 breath hold, she became a PADI freedive instructor to share the peaceful yet exhilarating world of freediving with others. A slight thrill-seeker always eager for adventure and learning new skills, she enjoys exploring new countries in her time away from the ocean. Recently, she has taken up dirt biking around the desert and is currently focused on improving his spearfishing skills.

Follow her journey on Instagram: @aubreyypurschke

Aubrey Purschke