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Spearfishing Course

One Day Spearfishing Course for Certified Freedivers

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Private Session

Learn to Spearfish Safely and Legally in Florida!

This course is for certified freedivers who want to learn the fundamentals of spearfishing. You will learn about the history of spearfishing, spearfishing equipment, safety and problem management, freediving techniques for spearfishing, spearfishing techniques, hunting environments, and ethics.

The course is one day long and includes a classroom session and a confined water session. Prerequisites are certification as a PFI Freediver (or equivalent from another recognized agency), good health and fitness, and being at least 16 years old (or 10 years old with a guardian present).

Required equipment includes a mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit or other protection, weight belt, and weights.

If you are interested in learning how to spearfish safely and successfully, this course is for you.