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Freediver Course – Level 1

Become Freedive Certified!

Quick Details


  • Live Free Diving owns and operates its own private boat, ‘FINS UP’, a 26-foot Aquasport Osprey. A U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain will accompany you on open water dives.
  • We offer small class sizes, so you can be assured you will have the attention and space you deserve.
  • Our instructors bring a young and fun dynamic to freediving. While we understand that hard work pays off, we also believe that students learn best when they’re happy and relaxed!
  • The L.F.D. team is made up of local, knowledgable South Floridians with extensive experience teaching freediving. 
  •  Co-Owner, Kaleigh McBride is currently the first, and only female freediving instructor trainer in Florida. You get to dive with the best!
  • Because the gulf stream current is close to Palm Beach, FL, we can offer clear, warm water for your diving experience.
Year Round Pricing
Freediver Course - Level 1 per person
Private Freediver Course - Level 1 per person
Private Freediver Course - Level 1 two or more people

Start your freediving journey in Florida!

Live Free Diving’s Freediver Course – Level 1 is a 2-day course that teaches the safety and science behind freediving, as well as how to increase confidence, train your mind, and boost mindfulness.

The course consists of four phases:

  1. Freediver Touch/E-Learning Modules
  2. Classroom session (knowledge development)
  3. Confined water session
  4. Open water sessions

On Day 1, you will complete the Freediver Touch/E-Learning Modules and participate in a classroom session to learn about the safety, science, physiology, and psychology behind freediving. In the afternoon, you will participate in a confined water session to learn about safety skills, static apnea, dynamic apnea, and how to make a proper water entry.

On Day 2, you will participate in two open water sessions to practice free immersion (pull downs), constant weight, duck dives, proper buddy procedures, and a rescue scenario at depth. Sessions will be held in the blue water of the Gulf Stream off South Florida, or at a spring fed lake near Fort Lauderdale (weather permitting).

The course tuition includes eLearning, pool fees, open water fees, instructor fees, and certification card upon successful completion.

Frequently Asked Questions