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Blue Heron Bridge

a large body of water

Blue Heron Bridge



The Blue Heron Bridge is one of the most popular shore dive sits in the world, attracting divers from all over! It’s inland location protected from wind and waves make it an ideal location for divers/snorkelers of all experience levels to observe marine life and enjoy time in the salt water!

Address: Phil Foster Park, 900 Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Freediving at the Blue Heron Bridge


Located within the Intracoastal waterway, the Blue Heron Bridge features an average depth of 5-10 feet and a max depth of 15-20 feet. Levels fluctuate based on tides.

Blue Heron Bridge Snorkel Trail


Phil Foster Park at the Blue Heron Bridge is a 14.7 acre beach park. There are several spots along the sand beach to enter the water, however be sure to read the signage indicating where the reefs are before heading in. There are several areas that are off limits to boaters, but be sure to bring a dive flag.

Shipwreck at the Blue Heron Bridge


Visibility at the Blue Heron Bridge is extremely tide dependent. The best time to go is an hour before high tide. High tide brings in clear water from the ocean, and usually offers a slack tide (minimal current). Heavy wind and rainfall can have a negative effect on visibility. Outside of high tide, waters at the bridge can become very murky, so always check before you go!
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Octopus at the Blue Heron Bridge

Marine Life

Blue Heron Bridge features a snorkel trail with shipwrecks as well as natural and artificial reefs. The area is absolutely teaming with marine life. Reefs are vibrantly decorated with hard and soft corals and often inhabited by Bahama Starfish, Fighting Conchs, Eagle Rays, Manatee, Parrotfish, Blue Tang and other tropical fish. If you’re lucky you’ll uncover an Octopus or Seahorse! *Do not disturb the wildlife, leave nothing and take nothing but pictures!* Book a guided tour with us and we’ll show you where all the cool critters live!

SCUBA Diving at the Blue Heron Bridge


Parking tends to fill up quickly on weekends, so be sure to arrive early. Flat sandy beaches offer ease of entry when getting in the water.

Snorkeling the Blue Heron Bridge


Free! There is no fee to park and dive the Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park. Though for first time visitors, we recommend hiring a guide to show you all the cool spots. Click here to book a tour with us!

Snorkeling the Blue Heron Bridge


The Blue Heron Bridge is located in the Intracoastal Waterway where barrier islands to the East offer protection from wind and waves. In certain areas, outside of slack tide periods can bring moderate currents. Jellyfish, Sea lice, and other stinging nettles may be present as well.

SCUBA Diving the Blue Heron Bridge


Blue Heron Bridge experiences heavy traffic on weekends, holidays and during spring/summer months. The spot is extremely popular for SCUBA education, photography, and recreational diving. The diverse park is also used by kayakers, paddleboarders, powerboaters, fishermen and more.

Seahorse at the Blue Heron Bridge


What Blue Heron Bridge doesn’t have in depth, it makes up for with spectacular views and breath taking sea life. Easy access (particularly on weekdays) coupled with amazing photography/site seeing opportunities make this location a site you won’t want to miss!  For more on this site, click here!

***We strongly advise that before diving any location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit, respect the environment.

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