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Troy Springs

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Troy Springs


Troy Springs is a state park located along the Suwannee River between Gainesville and Tallahassee. Troy Springs is one of Florida’s 33 first magnitude springs. In addition to the breathtaking spring, Troy Springs State Park also offers nature trails, picnic areas, and fishing along the Suwannee River.

Address: 674 NE Troy Springs Rd., Branford FL 32008

Troy Springs and Spring Run connection to the Suwannee River


The basin of Troy Springs is approximately 138×118 feet, leaving plenty of room for multiple groups of divers.

Freediving Troy Springs

Depth & Clarity

Troy Springs reaches 60+ feet of depth, with fluctuations occurring based on water level.

Visibility in Troy Springs fluctuates based on water levels along the Suwannee River and other factors. Like other springs along the Suwannee River, Troy Springs is susceptible to flooding and brown outs. Call Troy Springs State Park ahead of time to check visibility conditions.

Be mindful of depth and buoyancy as divers can easily kick up sand and silt, reducing visibility in the spring in the spring. While Troy Springs tends to have more of a greenish tint compared to other springs in the area, it is not uncommon to see 50+ feet of visibility here.


Marine Life & Elements

There are many turtles in the spring and even more in the spring run. Bass, Mullet, Bluegill, Spotted Suckerfish, and others inhabit Troy Springs. Located at the base of the Troy Springs Run, at the connection of the Suwannee River lies the remains of The Madison a 1850’s steamship that was used as a ferry along the river during the Civil War.

There are no waves and minimal current at Troy Springs.

Water entry to Troy Springs

Accessibility, Traffic & Parking

Though it’s a little bit off the beaten path (make sure you have good directions as cell service can be poor), Troy Springs is a breathtakingly beautiful park. There are ample parking spaces and pleasant restroom facilities. There is a downward sloping boardwalk that is a few hundred feet distance from the parking lot to the spring. Be courteous to other divers by not blocking the walkway and benches.

Entrance to the state park is $5/vehicle. Be sure to bring cash!

Troy Springs is heavily used by SCUBA and Freedivers, particularly on weekends, but don’t let this deter you. The large size and volume of the Spring make it easy to spread out and share.



Troy Springs is a well-known freediving spot, and for good reason! Troy Springs is a legendary spot for freediving, where many of Florida’s top freedivers and spearos have trained. Clear, calm water, and 60+ feet of straight up and down depth make Troy Springs an ideal training spot.

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