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Benefits of Freediving

a man standing on a snow board high in the sky

Benefits of Freediving


Freediving is considered one of the healthiest forms of exercise. Underwater diving requires the body must contract all its muscles in order to maintain buoyancy, change depth, and even tread water, add in breath holding and you have one of the highest caloric burning activities on the planet! Scientists estimate that freediving can burn between 1000-1300 calories per hour! What’s more? Freediving is more peaceful compared to other forms of exercise that cause exhaustion and wear and tear on the body. The pressure felt on a freedive is actually therapeutic for the body and joints.

Freediving Peanut Island

Stress Relief

In the underwater world, it’s easy to detach from the stressors of everyday life. Factor in the calm and relaxed state of mind induced by Freediving and you have the perfect recipe for mental clarity!

“In a world of seven billion people, where every inch of land has been mapped, much of it developed, and too much of it destroyed, the sea remains the final unseen, untouched, and undiscovered wilderness, the planet’s last great frontier. There are no mobile phones down there, no e-mails, no tweeting, no twerking, no car keys to lose, no terrorist threats, no birthdays to forget, no penalties for late credit card payments, and no dog shit to step in before a job interview. All the stress, noise, and distractions of life are left at the surface. The ocean is the last truly quiet place on Earth.”

-James Nestor

Eagle Ray at Blue Heron Bridge

Brings You Closer to Marina Life

Freediving is the purest and most natural form of diving. When we enter the water on their terms, the animals respond by allowing us an unparalleled level of interaction.

“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish”

-Jacque Cousteau

Freediving at Blue Heron Bridge

Develops Camaraderie

Freediving cannot be practiced safely alone! It is best to perform under the supervision of other trained freedivers. This is great news as freedivers tend to be some of the friendliest, most easy going, people on the planet!

Freediving at Blue Heron Bridge


Because it involves less gear, and there is less involved with freediving compared to other water sports. This often makes freediving more accessible compared to other water sports, including SCUBA. Anyone can get started freediving!

Freediving in a Florida Spring

Boosts Focus & Mindfulness

Freediving requires you to learn about yourself, your body and how you think. By taking a freediving course, you will learn how to finely tune into your external surroundings as well as your internal state of body/mind.

Freediving is also one of the best ways to tap into FLOW, a state of mind in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity. The world’s greatest thinkers describe flow as the most productive state of mind.

Freediving in a Florida Springs

Improve Breathing

Just like a muscle, the lungs grow stronger through training. Applying the conscious breathing techniques that are taught during a freediving course increases lung capacity, allowing for longer breath holds.

“The more you believe in the power of thought, and the more you listen to your breath, the greater changes you can create in your life.”

– Stig Severinsen, World Champion Freediver

Overcoming Fear

Freediving teaches us to quickly understand our fears/anxieties and what steps must be taken to overcome them.

“Freediving is about silence…the silence that comes from within..”

-Jacques Mayol, World Champion Freediver

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