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Blue Grotto

a person in a pool of water

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is one of our favorite sink hole/springs to visit and dive. Check out this blog to learn all about this amazing dive site!

Freediving at Blue Grotto


3852 NE 172 Ct, Williston, FL 32696

Blue Grotto is a freshwater spring located in Williston, Florida (just outside of Ocala). The Spring is privately owned, and maintains a full-service diving resort that includes cabins and tent camping facilities, classrooms, a pool, air compressor, restrooms, hot showers and more! The dive site is located in a beautiful region of Central Florida that features tall pine trees, luscious oaks, and a host of equestrian activities.

Freediving at Blue Grotto


Blue Grotto ranges in depth from 20-100 feet. The main cavern (best for freediving) stretches to 40 feet, here divers will find several platforms to set up a float and line or simply enjoy the peaceful, blue waters.

Blue Grotto is centrally located near many other well known springs such as Devils Den, Ginnie Springs, Troy Springs, Ichetucknee Springs, Manatee Springs, Crystal River, and Royal Springs.

Blue Grotto is only open to freedivers during weekdays and under the supervision of a certified freediving instructor. Please email [email protected] to arrange for a private freediving session at Blue Grotto.

Freediving at Blue Grotto


Blue Grotto is known for having some of the most consistently clear freshwater in Florida, with visibility often exceeding 100 feet. The crystal clear waters of blue grotto make for amazing underwater photography and videography! The site can experience a heavy volume of SCUBA divers, especially during weekend and summer months, which can often lead to sediment stir up and reduced visibility.

Freediving at Blue Grotto


Blue Grotto features one of the largest open caverns in all of Florida’s springs country, making this site great for training and certifications. There are some rocks and ledges to be mindful of when line diving. The sediment at the bottom is easily disturbed, so watch those long blade fins! The water at Blue Grotto remains a consistent 72 degrees year-round.

There are over 1,000 springs in Florida, and Blue Grotto is one of the finest!

Aquatic Life

Bluegill, Talapia, Koy Fish, and the famous Virgil the Turtle (she’s actually a girl) frequent Blue Grotto. Compared to other springs, Blue Grotto does not experience many alligators, snakes or other potentially dangerous wildlife.

This region of Central Florida features excellent birding, bustling equestrian and cattle industries, hiking, botanical gardens and many other natural experiences. It is truly a taste of Old Florida!


Access to Blue Grotto is limited, as freedivers can only dive weekdays and with an instructor. Admission to freedive Blue Grotto is $35 per person.

Blue Grotto Dive Resort features convenient facilities such as restrooms with hot showers (a luxury in springs country), pavilions that can be rented as well as camp sites and cabins.

The dive site itself features convenient access with a staircase leading down to platform and entrance.

Camping at Blue Grotto is truly a unique experience. Being able to hop out of bed and be a short walk from one of the world’s most remarkable dive sites is mind blowing! Nights at Blue Grotto resemble a planetarium, with so little light pollution, prepare for the most phenomenal star gazing!


If you’re looking to experience epic freshwater freediving, old Florida charm and picturesque nature scenes, Blue Grotto is a must visit! We love that we can camp on site and be within close proximity of some of the w best inland dive sites on earth! Blue Grotto is very well maintained and has a plethora of facilities that most springs do not. It is one of the most fun and convenient dive sites in Florida!

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