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Palm Beach Inlet

a view of a beach next to a body of water

Palm Beach Diving

Palm Beach (Lake Worth) Inlet – Dive Site Highlight

Pumphouse- Palm Beach Inlet


Recognized by the iconic “Pumphouse,” along its North Jetty, the Palm Beach (Lake Worth) Inlet is Florida’s easternmost point. The Gulfstream current comes closer here than anywhere in the world, bringing with it warm clear water from the Caribbean. Palm Beach has much to offer divers including many shipwrecks, natural and artificial reefs with an abundance of sea life!

Address: Palm Beach Inlet

Tropical Fish and Corals off Palm Beach


Palm Beach Inlet features dive sites in various depths from less than 10 feet to more than 200 feet. Due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream and continental shelf, the waters off Palm Beach Inlet quickly drop in depth as you get further shore, making it a great spot for freedivers looking to depth train.

Green Sea Turtle on Breakers Reef - Palm Beach, FL

Favorite Shallow Dive Sites

-Breakers Reef (inshore)- Approximately 300 yards off the Breakers Hotel, is a group of mooring buoys that mark the Breaker’s (shallow reef). The site is approximately 15-20 feet deep and consists of natural ledges and corals. The site is home to many tropical fish, turtles, lobster and other interesting sea creatures.

-Singer Island Mitigation Reef- Less than 100 yards off the Ritz Carlton, Singer Island lies set of artificial reef piles and natural ledges. The site is just 10-15 feet deep. The reef is just North of the Palm Beach Inlet and can experience strong currents that attract large marine animals such as Tarpon, Eagle Rays, Manatees and Nurse Sharks. Many tropical fish, eels, sea urchins also frequent here.

-1000 Mermaids Reef- In 2020, non-profit group 1000 Mermaids and Palm Beach County created a new reef consisting of 55 reef modules and eco art sculptures. The site is approximately one mile south of the Palm Beach Inlet in 35-40 feet of water.

Diving Governor's Riverwalk, Palm Beach, FL

Favorite Deep Dive Sites

-Breakers Reef (offshore)- An additional, deeper reef exist further east of the Breakers Hotel in 45-60 feet. Breakers Reef is part of Florida’s Coral Reef, which stretches approximately 360 from the Dry Tortugas to Martin County. This site is very popular among SCUBA divers, the mild current makes this a gentle drift dive with lots to see!

-Governers Riverwalk- In 2002, Palm Beach County expanded its artificial reef program by adding Governors Riverwalk, four ships sunken just south of the Palm Beach Inlet in 75-90 feet of water. All four ships (Gilbert Sea, Sasha Boekenier, St. Jacques, and Thozina) were former drug smuggling ferries that were confiscated by U.S. Coast Guard.

-Anna Cecilia- The Anna Cecilia is another Drug Smuggling ship that was put to rest just North of the Palm Beach Inlet in 60-85 feet of water. Sunk in 2016, the Ana Cecilia is 170 foot long, 629 ton freighter. The site is part of a larger shipwreck trail called the Corridor, which includes other wrecks including the Mizpah, China Barge, Amaryllis and the Brazilian Docks.

SCUBA Diving Breakers Reef- Palm Beach, FL


While clarity can be reduced during periods of wind and rain, Palm Beach is known for having some of, if not the clearest water in the mainland United States. Some spots (particularly those closer to the inlet) can experience reduced visibility during outgoing tides.

Freediving off Palm Beach, FL


Due to the proximity to the Gulf Stream, Palm Beach can experience moderate to heavy currents. Drift diving is the most common form of diving here as the current is often too strong to anchor on deeper spots. Other hazards include seasonal jellyfish, sharks, and boat traffic.

Lemon Shark off Palm Beach, FL

Marine Life

Marine Life is abundant on the reefs and wrecks off Palm Beach. Many tropical fish such as parrotfish, Angelfish, Damselfish, etc. frequent the dive sites as well as game fish such Snapper, Grouper, Hogfish and even Cobia, Kingfish, Sailfish, and Wahoo. Many large sea creatures like Sea Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins can also be observed.

The Reefs off Palm Beach are renowned for large barrel sponges and other vibrant soft corals such as sea fans. Lobster and invasive lionfish make for tasty treats for divers hunting the reefs, but keep an eye out for predators! Many dive operators bait sharks in the waters off Palm Beach, which has led to a general curiosity of divers and especially spearfishers.

SCUBA Diving off Palm Beach, FL


Much of the sites off Palm Beach Inlet are only accessible by boat and not shore. There are several dive charters out of Lake Park Marina and Riviera Beach Marina that cater to SCUBA, Freediving, and snorkeling.


Palm Beach Inlet is currently our home port, and one of our favorite places to dive out of. The diversity of dive sites and sea life, combined with clear and deep water close to shore make this a gem of a dive location!

Most of our open water SCUBA and Freediving courses are taught off the coast off Palm Beach. We also offer private training sessions and guided dives off Palm Beach, email us to schedule your adventure today!

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