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a view of a large body of water with a city in the background

Top Things to do in Grenada

Grenada has to be one of our favorite islands in the Caribbean!  Its a small island packed with luscious rainforests, waterfalls, amazing beaches, spices and friendly people. This island is so warm and welcoming, you’ll find yourself itching to come back! (Or at least that’s how we feel!)

When visiting Grenada, here is some top recommendations:

Grande Anse Beach, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach

Beautiful white, soft sandy beach with calm, crystal clear water. This beach is truly a tropical paradise! This 2 mile stretch of beach is a wonderful place to relax & recharge. Not to mention the view! You are surrounded by mountains and have a great view of St. George, the capital of Grenada. You can also easily walk to tons of restaurants, bars, dive shops & hotels from the beach.

We stayed at the Radisson Beach Resort, which is directly on Grand Anse Beach. Highly recommend staying here!

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Grenada

Seven Sisters Water Fall

This is a MUST!! This is an intermediate hike. It’s located on private property, so you must pay about $2 US to the owner. Once you pay, there are local guides who hang around and will offer to guide you up. If you just want to go to the first 2 waterfalls, I think it’s pretty self explanatory and you and kindly decline a guide. Otherwise, you can negóciate and work out a price for the guide before hand. There are 7 waterfalls, hence the name seven sisters. We went during the rainy season, so it was a bit muddy. Highly suggest wearing water shoes/ sneakers. Also take the Walker stick that they offer to you!

Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

Underwater Sculpture Park

The worlds first underwater sculpture park is located just off the West Coast of Grenada. The sculptures were designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, and was built in 2006. There are many different sculptures scattered through out the area such as christ of the deep (there’s also one located in Key Largo!), The Vicissitudes (a circle of children holding hands, The Lost Correspondent and many others. They are about 3-5 meters deep and you can visit them while Freediving, snorkeling or scuba diving. We went with Eco Dive Grenada and had a great experience with them!! Highly recommend! (They are located right on Grand Anse beach, and we took an easy boat ride to the park).

These sculptures are truly an amazing site to see! Each sculpture is created with materials that help to encourage life. They are textured to allow coral polyps to attach and grow. The result? Tons of fish and sea life around!

Check out this TED talk to learn more (its a great watch!)

St. Georges, Grenada

St. George’s

This is the country’s capital. The city has colonial style, colorful artuceture  location right on the harbor. We took a maxi taxi into town and it was so much fun! It’s only $1 US and you pile into a van with the locals, listen to good reggae music and enjoy the views as you drive by. It’s such and organized production and everyone flows in and out the bus so smoothly.

Dodgy Dock- Wednesday Night

If you want to try local cuisine and get a taste of the local scene, come here on a Wednesday night! Located at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Bar and Wednesday is street food night! Highly suggest reserving a table as this is a popular event for both locals and tourists and is the busiest night of the week! You purchase tickets at the front, and pay the food vendors with tickets. We got about 10 tickets per person and this was a good amount for dinner & dessert. The average price is about 4-7 tickets. Enjoy live music by Grenada’s most popular bands and a variety of local dishes such as oil down! This place is a vibe!

Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake

Located in the Grand Etang Rainforest, Grand Etang Lake is a crater lake formed from an extinct volcano that is responsible for Grenada’s formation. The crater sits at 1,730 feet above Sea Level and is approximately 36 acres in area and 20 feet deep. There are two crater lakes in Grenada, Grand Etang and Lake Antoine. Guided tours are available and there are trails around the lake for those who wish to explore the jungle. We were lucky enough to encounter Mona Monkeys on our visit to Grand Etang (check out the YouTube video below!)

Clarke's Court Rum Distillery, Grenada

Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery

In operation since 1937, Clark’s Court Rum Distillery is Grenada’s largest distillery. A tour guide will happily show you around the facility and explain the rum making process as well as the fascinating history behind Clarke’s Court. The tour last approximately 15 minutes, after which you will be able to sample the many delicious liquors made at Clarke’s Court!

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