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Guided Spearfishing Trip

Quick Details

Year Round Pricing
4 Hours up to 6 people
8 Hours up to 6 people

Catch Your Own Seafood in Florida!

This is a guided spearfishing hunt that will teach you safe and effective hunting techniques. The duration is 4 hours and the location is to be determined by the instructor.

You must be a certified freediver and be able to dive safely in buddy teams. Must be a strong swimmer.

Target species include:

  • Grouper (May-December)
  • Hogfish (May-October)
  • Lobster (August-March)
  • Snapper (Year round)
  • Jacks (year round)
  • Mackerel (year round)

Depths range from 10-20 feet (inshore) and 40-80 feet (offshore).

Once the dive is completed, the instructors will show you how to properly clean and care for your fish so that you can take it home and enjoy.